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I purchased the spacetalk for my son for Xmas and I cannot believe was a great product this has ended up to be. When school returns he will start walking home from school and I can keep a track of him and make sure he is safe without the stress. The company has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, I can not thank them enough for the whole experience. I can't wait to see more of your products in the future.
Totally love this watch. Easy to set up, customer service were really helpful. The watch itself is easy to use and the kids love them. The tracking device is very accurate, and we have had no problems with calling and texting. I purchased a couple other watches that just did not work and were very disappointing. The SpaceTalk is a great product!
Warren - NSW
Our daughter loves her new watch. I like to surprise her with a sneaky msg whilst I'm out working in the vineyard. It's also handy knowing that she can contact us if she needs to without having to have a proper phone that anyone can call her. One feature that could be added is a thumbs up icon to let us know when she has read our messages, other than that I`m sure it will be very handy when she goes back to school.
We have tried it & loved it!! I especially love sending Charlie text messages.
My daughter travels overseas often to see family and in this increasingly dangerous world, I wanted to be able to offer her some security and also the ability to contact me if needed. Having the Spacetalk Watch has been invaluable. I can monitor her via the app and she can call me when needed. The Aldi SIM was perfect for roaming and far cheaper than other network providers. Would highly recommend this to any parent that values the safety of their child.
My kid loves her watch!
My husband and I have invested in a Spacetalk watch for each of our 3 children. The watches offer us peace of mind knowing that we can track the location of our children at any time and call or message them. A simple app on our phones allows us to monitor their whereabouts with precision. Our children have personalised their watches by each selecting a different colour and downloading their own screensaver. What we love most about Spacetalk is that it has the same main call functions as a mobile phone without the unnecessary and distracting applications. Our children choose to turn the volume down on their watch when they are at school as the vibrating function is sufficient to alert them to any calls or messages. The watch also monitors how many steps they have taken each day which means that they now compete for the highest step count! The watch has also enabled my husband and I to delay purchasing a mobile phone for our eldest child as the Spacetalk satisfies our current needs. A brilliant invention for the safety of young children!