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Kids Smartwatch, Phone and GPS

Knowing your kids are safe. There's no better feeling.

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Know where your child is. Anytime.

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Australia's first Smart Watch, 3G mobile phone and GPS for kids. Designed in Australia.

3G Phone (2 way)
Make and Receive calls to a set of predefined customisable contact numbers.
GPS Tracking
Parents can view your child's location, location history and change GPS settings using the app.
SMS Messaging
SMS messages can be received from contacts you allow through the app.
Step Counter
An integrated step counter with voice feedback monitors your child's physical activity.
24+ Hour Battery
Actual battery life will depend on location update settings and time spent on calls. Overnight charging is recommended.
High Security
Your privacy and security is assured. All data is hosted in Australia in highly secure data centres.
AllMyTribe app
Download to your smartphone, allows you to control all of your devices in one easy to use app.
SOS Alerts
A dedicated SOS alert button can be programmed to call a sequence of guardians and even local emergency authorities.
Safe Places
Safe zones can be setup with customisable alerts to inform you when your child arrives and departs these zones.
Water Resistant
Tested to IP54. Spacetalk is dust, splash and water resistant but not swim proof.
School Mode
Silence Spacetalk during class to avoid distracting your child and others.
Alarm Clock
Set multiple alarms or reminders to prompt your child enabling them to become more responsible.
The Stopwatch function comes with a lap timer so your child can measure their progress for training and competitions.
Turn on the Torch and Spacetalk emits a bright light, enough for your child to find their way around in a dark room.

The Spacetalk Difference

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Manage Spacetalk watches, view location history, set up safe zones and much more.

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